Advising College Students in the Age of Uncertainty

It is my joy and passion to help young adults, especially college students, figure out their professional interests and how to navigate this complex thing we call “higher education” and the even more complex thing we call “the real world.” Now is a fascinating time to work with this age group. Statistically, there appears toContinue reading “Advising College Students in the Age of Uncertainty”

Online Education, Communication, and Sociology

As we move on to the future of online learning in education, it is important to keep in mind the communication and sociological aspects of the phenomenon. In fact, I don’t really see how we can study online learning without intricately tying in theory and findings from these fields. At the backbone of any onlineContinue reading “Online Education, Communication, and Sociology”

We MUST Prepare College Students to Be Strategic Lifelong Learners

We live in an age where it is fully expected – should I even say, required – for us to continue to rigorously learn subject matter and skills long after our days of organized education. Whether one chooses to pursue a college degree or not, our fast-paced society now calls for all of us toContinue reading “We MUST Prepare College Students to Be Strategic Lifelong Learners”

My New Book on Video Games and Learning

Well, after a whole lot of work I’ve finally published my book, Paradox of the Learning Game: The Promise and Plight of Video Games and Learning. This is my contribution to what I think is an important conversation. As I discuss in the book, the video game medium is fantastic, encouraging an interdependent relationship between videoContinue reading “My New Book on Video Games and Learning”

What will the future university look like?

I am very impressed with the Stanford 2025 project, which imagines what undergraduate learning and living at Stanford will be in the future. It’s a boundary-pushing project, envisioning major changes such as students going after “missions” instead of “majors.” This is the type of thinking we really need in order to create the university ofContinue reading “What will the future university look like?”

Game-based learning in a higher ed class

I will be integrating game-based learning for the first time in my higher education teaching this semester by using the game, Fair Play by GLS Studios. Fair Play is a game where players control Jamal, a black graduate student, who must navigate past the implicit biases from characters in the game to grow in his journey toward becoming aContinue reading “Game-based learning in a higher ed class”

Let’s Pay Attention to Digital

Nice article from Fast Company highlighting the evolution of the PlayStation. I was especially interested in getting some perspective on the gradual transition to digital that Sony (and the other major consoles) are making.  Of course, there are still physical games that are being sold in stores, but digital downloads are huge players in the marketContinue reading “Let’s Pay Attention to Digital”