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First Generation Student Choice of Community College

At the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, I am currently researching the factors that influence first-generation students to choose community college as their first institution after high school. It is important to comprehensively understand why first-generation students choose community college after high school and not assume that it’s because of the open access and lower tuition rates that community colleges provide. Once we gain this comprehensive understanding, we can better prepare future first-generation-to-college students to leverage community college (if desired) for their educational goals.


Evaluation Plan, STEM Program for Underrepresented High School and Undergraduate Students

I am finishing up an independent study helping a Philadelphia nonprofit develop an evaluation plan for a STEM training program for underrepresented high school and undergraduate students. When developing an evaluation plan for any student, especially for students from underrepresented populations, it is important to consider their backgrounds and experiences that will mesh with the program. If an evaluation does not take this part seriously and consider it thoroughly, I do not think it will measure success in the most effective manner.


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