newheadshotdec2020Thank you for visiting my website. My professional life has almost entirely focused on higher education. I believe that college access can open doors of opportunity for everyone, and everyone can succeed in higher education if given the necessary support and understanding.

My work at the University of Pennsylvania includes advising Sociology majors, minors, and premajors in the College of Arts & Sciences; teaching pre-freshman students in my College, Media and Society course, and teaching Master’s students at the Graduate School of Education in Access and Choice in Higher Education: First-Generation Students. As a higher education professional, I’ve engaged in countless roles that have required leadership acumen, emotional intellegence, collaboration with various stakeholders, and keen attention to detail such as: faculty searches, internal review coordination,  curriculum and academic requirements review and revamping, academic program development, and chairing a professional staff assembly.

As a doctoral student in the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, my research focuses on first-generation students at highly selective institutions. I’ve worked on projects that examine various aspects of educational (in)equality: first-generation student transfer from community college to selective universities, the regard (or lack thereof) for low-income students in the strategic plans of public flagship universities, and how the COVID-19 websites of highly selective universities address first-generation student concerns. My goal: to contribute to a future where we reimagine higher education with first-generation students at the center of our consideration as opposed to the margins.

Please feel free to browse the website for more information about my research projects, teaching, writing, and more.

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