16-17: Important Year for Edtech

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over. Of course, this is easy to say EVERY summer! Before you know it *BAM * the school year is in front of you.

This is  a crucial school/academic year for education technology. For years we’ve heard how great technology could be for education and learning environments, and I have been one of the biggest advocates for this. However, it seems like there is increasing amount of narrative today that suggests that technology – at least in the ways we currently use it – is not working as a helpful resource for teaching and learning.

This helps to balance some of the over-excitement towards edtech, but we must be careful not to let this notion extinguish the edtech flame! I fear that this is exactly what could happen (in some ways) if we do not provide enough examples and data of technology helping educational outcomes this academic/school year.

So edtech advocates – time for us to roll the sleeves up and see what we can do!