Assessment and Digital Tools/Games

EdSurge recently published an article, “Can games and digital tools help students take fewer tests?”  It’s always nice to see in-depth discussion about the capabilities of digital tools and games in the learning realm.  And indeed, the future will include more digital tools with types of assessment embedded in.  No doubt.

However *cue dramatic music*

I don’t understand why the conversation on digital tools and games for learning is always so against what is done for learning today. Here the conversation is on embedding assessment-like activity within the tool or game and limiting traditional assessments and such. This way, you can use the data from the digital tool to show if the students have achieved mastery with the content.  This is wonderful!  But how about we hear more on how this kind of assessment can work with traditional assessments to create an unparalleled learning experience? Maybe the data from the digital tool or game can help with traditional test design, so that the numerous tests the students take have as great of a meaning to them and their learning as possible?

Just throwing that out there. A lot of “either-or” these days.  Where’s the love?!